November 11, 2022

We’re launching SparkWorld* on Avalanche; here’s why

Since its inception, the SparkWorld* team has been working very hard to ensure that SparkWorld* can be a shining light providing solutions to problems surrounding the current crypto landscape such as high gas fees, simulated bots, unfair capital allocation, and lack of information.

However, none of this can happen without building on a perfect foundation. We considered numerous options, but from the get-go it was clear that we wanted to invest our efforts into building with Avalanche. To truly understand SparkWorld*, it is important that Avalanche is understood.

What is Avalanche?

Avalanche is a blockchain ecosystem created to function as a globally distributed secure and decentralized network. It has often been referred to as a platform of platforms.

The network has a unique protocol that uses three different blockchains to create a trustless and interoperable framework for developers to build on, in addition to offering its ecosystem a payment system in the form of a cryptocurrency known as $AVAX.

Avalanche was designed to solve issues that are seen in most blockchain networks today, such as eradicating centralization by offering a better alternative to networks like ethereum. Avalanche also capitalizes on the shortcomings of that network by offering more features, programmability, and functionalities.

Furthermore, the system was designed to be scalable. It’s network has constantly demonstrated fast transaction speed that puts it level with top global processors like PayPal and Visa.

What are the benefits of Avalanche?

The AVAX network allows businesses to easily create new blockchains, and allows developers to create a selection of blockchain services, coins and tokens. Avalanche native tokens can represent several financial instruments like bonds, equities, fractionalized real estate, debt and others.

The token can also be coded as NFTs — making it an ideal network for creating DeFi platforms.

Additionally, Avalanche has a much cheaper gas fee than Ethereum. There are fees for minting, creating assets, transactions staking and blockchain creations — which are then burnt.

We are very excited to show what we have been building to the amazing Avalanche community and establish ourselves as a key player within the AVAX ecosystem.

What sets Avalanche apart from other Blockchains?


Unlike Cosmos and Polkadot, Avalanche offers unparalleled decentralisation using its consensus protocols that can scale to millions of validators all participating in consensus at the same time.


Whilst other blockchains may offer some sort of performance, Avalanche is capable of around 4,500 transactions per second per subnet.


Avalanche consensus achieves finality in less than three seconds, with the majority occurring in less than one second. It is immutable and entirely irreversible.


AVAX’s fixed capped supply, deflationary pressure, very strong utility, potential to receive air drops, and low market cap — definitely sets it apart from other Blockchains.

So — Why Avalanche?

Beyond the numerous reasons laid out above, we’re launching on Avalanche because it’s a thriving, burgeoning ecosystem with a broad array of cutting-edge, innovative projects all committed to building on it. The passion in the AVAX ecosystem and community cannot be overstated; every participant is working tirelessly to further the agenda of decentralisation and blockchain tech in every way they can.

We’re incredibly excited about the opportunities which the Avalanche ecosystem will provide for SparkWorld*, however it’s important to note at this point that from the start SparkWorld* will be a cross-chain platform; from inception, both our token and platform will be available on the Ethereum network as well as Avalanche.

The reasons and benefits behind being cross-chain — and, in particular, across the AVAX and ETH chains — are numerous and varied, and we’ll be publishing an article soon explaining our thought process behind this, and why we believe it’s a decision which will set SparkWorld* up for success from the start — stay tuned!