November 11, 2022

Enter SparkWorld* Via Social And Join The Fellowship

SparkWorld* has been accelerating before the launch of our gaming NFT launchpad — not only we have seen incredible community growth, been verified on Twitter, and developed a set of frameworks for our upcoming launchpad’s success, we have also entered partnerships with some of the well-recognised blockchain gaming and NFT projects in the space.

As the SparkWorld* launch comes closer by the day, our efforts to spread Fair Prediction Launches (FPLs), the invention we are most proud of, to the entire community of enthusiasts and developers alike, have not been without achievement.

We have been working with such NFT marketplace innovators as Kalao which has paved the way for cross-platform metaverse world adoption in Web3, sharing resources and planning upcoming whitelists with the help of FPL mechanics.

At SparkWorld*, we aim to create the most immersive platform with prediction features, collaboration with other like-minded projects is key, as well as support from NFT enthusiasts of every kind in our community. This post serves as an invitation, a welcome letter to those brave enough to enter a world of gamification, fun, predictions, and reward, on the blockchain.


Gamification, although a term popular in spaces like Play-to-Earn, has yet to be adopted at a larger scale in more widespread blockchain ecosystems. Fun and games are what Web3 should be about — after all, systematic centralised control has proved itself to be less rewarding and less interesting.

Starting with SparkWorld* and our Web3-based peers, creativity, fun, community inclusion, and active communication, along with proper reward structures, will be the key elements of innovation and acceleration of NFT accessibility. The centralised world has not been too keen on NFT implementation and uses for traditional activities, so why not try to overcome this with joy on the blockchain — the global army of gamers can bring NFTs closer to mainstream adoption without sacrificing anything!

Everyone is welcome to stake $SPRK, predict NFT project outcomes and win NFTs & whitelist spots, make friends in this space, and expand a bright new world on the blockchain through the SparkWorld* fellowship.

Why SparkWorld* In A Saturated Space?

Despite gamification being one of the main concepts in the SparkWorld* ecosystem, there are crucial problems in NFT whitelisting that we are about to tackle.

Fairness, transparency, and accessibility are elements that have not been even considered by most NFT marketplaces and projects because the standard way is the easy way.

Let’s have a look at why these issues exist and how SparkWorld* will solve them.


The usual way NFT whitelists launch/drop is through the first-come-first-served model which is quite ruthless to the average NFT enthusiast and requires a lot of effort to enter. Even when the efforts are put into the whitelist entrance, a participant with more resources or implementation of one’s own schemes may take a large share of NFTs, leaving many behind.

In addition, NFT launches often get filled with a stream of front-running bots and other malicious services that prevent regular people from actively participating in an ecosystem. Such concepts can relate to the infamous Occupy Wall Street movement which was a result of bankers having a lot for little-to-no value created while the remaining part of society is left behind.

Web3 is decentralised and should treat every member of the digital society equally, giving meaningful opportunities to everyone involved, but such relatively utopian concepts are yet to be implemented, so SparkWorld* is here to accomplish that with none other than our proprietary Fair Prediction Launches — mechanisms allowing members to predict events like NFT project outcomes on a particular date, and get rewarded for accurate guesses in a fair fashion.


With thousands of new blockchain projects popping up every month or so, it is hard to argue against the fact that many of them tend to provide very little information on who they really are, and what actual contributions to the Web3 space they aim to provide, hence transparency issues.

Moreover, lottery-based whitelisting methods make the process questionable for the regular participant who is not sure what’s really happening behind the front-end of an application — whitelists based on the success of a participant’s prediction are much more trusted and can lead nearly any ecosystem to a high level of transparency.

It would be great if someone could verify projects for their legitimacy, but how in a decentralised environment would that be possible? At SparkWorld*, we believe a sacrifice can be made for the greater good, and by good, we mean protection from malicious actors by conducting precise due diligence on projects and their verification so that NFT enthusiasts could have a bit more clarity about what they’re involved in.


Accessibility comes close to fairness in a way. When some bot is frontrunning a participant, it is both unfair and makes the ecosystem less accessible. In addition, fundraising rounds and NFT drops themselves are often designed by the underlying team in such a way to benefit the project itself or some other, already resourceful familiar parties.

We fix this by reducing the risk of false project starts by verifying them before they enter the SparkWorld* launchpad and promoting only high-quality projects producing real value to every party involved. When participants have different levels of power within an ecosystem, the vision for decentralisation can fall apart.

The world of Web3 already has to tackle the outside centralised system, and when similar power structures arise on the blockchain, fires must be put out immediately, so that’s what we do.

SparkWorld* Hub Is Coming Soon!

We believe in community success more than individual success, because a community can make things happen on a larger scale — look at ConstitutionDAO!

The existence of an active community is as important as fair NFT launches, therefore we look forward not only to launching our entirely new NFT gaming marketplace and the rest of the ecosystem with staking and rewards features, but also to the introduction of the SparkWorld* Hub — a space of community collaboration with NFT gaming projects filled with prediction tournaments, Metaverse integration, guilds, competitions, and so much more.

We invite everyone determined to have a say in the direction prediction markets are going and dedicated to winning as many competitions as there will be.

Enter A Bright New World

Join the SparkWorld* community and ecosystem through any of the following platforms that suit you best — SparkWorld* is bringing joy to the participants in each of them in a variety of ways!


SparkWorld*’s Discord server is currently hosting nearly 10,000 NFT enthusiasts including “floor sweepers”, creators, HODLers, flippers, and so much more! Our Discord server is the epitome of the active exchange of ideas and values inside the community, along with fun activities, AMAs, updates, and support.

Here we aim to continue and expand our hosting of the most important events that bring rewards to the people and encourage them to participate further!

Find our Discord here!


Tired of the same NFT/crypto memes over and over again? Look no further — SparkWorld*’s verified Twitter account has brought laughter and information to even the most stubborn enthusiasts in the space — our 18.4k followers can concur.

GM memes, links to immersive podcasts, SparkWorld* updates, events — all of them live inside our Twitter feed. Follow us here!


Although you’re already here, we welcome you to check out our latest Medium articles on the current state of Web3 and on what SparkWorld* is really about.

We have put a lot of effort into partnering up with some of the greatest innovators in blockchain — find out more about them and about what we are going to be doing together to push NFTs further towards mainstream adoption!

Visit our website at and explore SparkWorld*’s values, read the answers to the frequently asked questions, and find the links to all our socials!


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Join Us!

That’s not quite it yet! We are currently in production of our own video series on YouTube that should be out very soon, and the SparkWorld* White Paper will soon be updated on our website!

Don’t forget that SparkWorld* stands for fairness, value creation, and proper reward, and always welcomes every NFT enthusiast with arms open. Following SparkWorld* on socials and joining our communities are the first steps towards participation in our soon-to-be-launched ecosystem that solves the most pressing issues in today’s NFT landscape!

All good things start with a Spark*