November 11, 2022

International Women’s Day — 5 Female-Led NFT Collections To Check Out

Despite being a heavily male-dominated industry, more and more women are becoming involved in the lucrative industry of crypto and NFTs. Today, on International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting 5 female NFT artists & collections taking the industry by storm.

It’s no secret that in the realm of NFT, women are underrepresented as Asian-American artist, Drue Kataoka told NFTevening in an interview, “While NFTs have been heralded as a democratizing force in the art world, the space has allowed for the same systemic biases we see in our society today to proliferate.”

However, there is good news though! Recognizing these shortcomings in the market, a number of women are now making significant waves in the NFT space — with many female makers, technologists and collectors breaking into blockchain technologies, aiming to empowering women in the community and beyond.

Here’s our pick of the best female-led NFT collections in the space:

1. World of Women

Debuting in July last year, World of Women is now one of the most popular female led NFT projects in the market. Creator Yam Karkai wanted to use the NFT space to create a global community that encourages diversity and equal opportunities for creators and contributors.

The collection includes a series of 10,000 unique and diverse female NFT avatars, and have become a favourite among celebrities like Eva Longoria and Reese Witherspoon.

The project supports a variety of women-led and sustainability-focused organisations, including She’s the First, Too Young to Wed, and Code Green NFT.

The World of Women’s 2022 collection earned Karkai USD 40 million within two weeks of its debut. At the time of writing, her OpenSea platform has 5.1K users, and its trading volume crossing 55K ETH.

2. Sad Girls Bar

Reinventing the concept of sad girls, female artist Glam Beckett released the NFT collection in August 2021. It features 10,000 NFTs generated from over 350 traits, including piercings, wild haircuts, and even a drink. The collection accurately portrays Beckett’s creative style, which revolves around themes of love and death, melancholy and loneliness, and dark romance.

Holders of the Sad Girls Bar NFT project will receive a number of perks, including access to a future Sad Girls Bar in the metaverse. It also intends to donate 10 ETH to Mind and Agenda’s “Women Side by Side” peer support initiative for women.

3. Fame Lady Squad

Launching in July 2021 as the FIRST female-led NFT project in the space, Fame Lady Squad quickly gained traction. However, the “female” developers turned out to be…Russian men. Needless to say, this sparked widespread uproar in the community, prompting the founders to give over the project to key community members.

The project was later revived in August by Bored Becky (Ashley), Data Lady (Saul), and NFTIgnition (Danielle), who is currently in charge of the project. The collection is one of the first community-run collectibles initiatives, featuring 8,888 unique ladies.

Today, the project’s main goal is to help women from all walks of life succeed within the crypto & NFT industry.

4. Women Rise

Women Rise is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated and unique NFT art pieces created by the internationally acclaimed visual artist Maliha Abidi. The collection represents women from around the world and the traits go beyond the diversity of just skin colours. Women activists, artists, scientists, coders and many others rising to make the world a better place!

Since its December launch, the project has gained support from celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuk, and raked in over $13 million in OpenSea trading volume.

The primary aim of the project is to support gender equality causes in the world. For this, the project has dedicated 7.5% of the proceeds to international organizations that fight for women’s rights, gender equity, girls’ education and more.

5. 8SIAN

Aside female representation, Asian representation in the NFT industry is severely limited. In the midst of this, the 8SIAN NFT project is attempting to address both of these issues though its collection of 8,888 Asian women NFTs. Project founder Nicole aims to “represent and showcase the many cultures and heritage of Asia in the virtual world.”

The 8SIAN NFT series offers a variety of intriguing benefits — there’s the community-driven fund, which hosts contests and events, as well as supports charities and young artists. The intentions to incorporate the project into the metaverse, however, are the main highlight. Members can look forward to an 8SIAN Museum, 3D metaverse-ready 8SIANs, and Asian-inspired digital wearables in the near future!

NFT projects driven by women, such as the ones mentioned above, bring about much-needed change in the NFT arena. However, this is only the beginning, and we hope that these initiatives will encourage more women to join the movement. Nonetheless, as a first step, the industry may support existing female-led enterprises in the field to promote diversity and inclusion.