November 11, 2022

Introducing SparkWorld*; Igniting the possibilities of Web3 Predictions

SparkWorld* is a wholly new, unique and creative solution to the problems of whitelisting, randomized minting, and pre-launch NFT allocations. This will be the base to the SparkWorld* Hub which will incorporate collaboration with gaming NFT projects with weekly/monthly prediction tournaments, Guilds, and Metaverse integration.

Mission, Vision, Values

SparkWorld* creatively solves the whitelisting and minting problem for NFT drops through a brand new, easy-to-use marketplace which fuses creators together with communities.

SparkWorld*’s metaverse integration and gaming NFT solutions will create a fun, dynamic, and engaging environment for the crypto community whilst fostering equitability and accessibility throughout the industry as a whole.

SparkWorld* facilitates Fair Prediction Launches (FPLs) through a wholly new and unparalleled mechanism which distributes NFTs in the most equitable and engaging way possible.

Whereas other whitelisting platforms operate on either a first-come-first-serve or a randomised basis, SparkWorld* brings control of NFT distributions back to the community; platform users receive allocations based on their ability to predict any given number of events, outcomes or data points.

However, SparkWorld* is not just about launching NFTs; it’s a full, easy to use one-stop-shop for gaining allocations, earning staking and prediction rewards, and finding communities of like minded individuals.

Through SparkWorld*’s metaverse integration, the SparkWorld* Hub will feature weekly and monthly prediction tournaments and guilds, which will introduce a competitive — and therefore more captivating — aspect to the prediction events which will form the cornerstone of the platform.

In line with the founding ethos of the blockchain revolution, our egalitarian distribution process brings creators and community together through fair, exciting and interactive prediction events.

The problems:


  • Third party trust is required for the whitelisting selection process


  • Early fundraising rounds are offered only to exclusive investment groups


  • Methods like First Come First Serve (FCFS) drive unnecessary wastage on gas fees, which fall unfairly on users and benefit whales who are able to front run normal buyers


  • Current whitelisting solutions are arduous, often complicated, and uninteresting

The SparkWorld* solutions:


  • All prediction events on the blockchain are trustless, and available for everyone to see


  • SparkWorld* provides high quality projects and deal flow to users simply, efficiently, and based around their skill in predicting future prices, outcomes and events


  • No false starts with SparkWorld*; algorithmically allocated rewards eliminate gas fee wastage


  • Gamified prediction-based entries drive community excitement and uptake in the process

SparkWorld*; reigniting NFT drops

- — -

We can’t begin to explain how excited we are to bring the SparkWorld* marketplace and our Fair Prediction Launches (FPLs) to the crypto community! We will soon be announcing more details around the project, the $SPRK token, and our long term vision and roadmap. Stay tuned — all big things start with a Spark.