November 11, 2022

Our Alpha Arctino Phase Is Launching, With 2 Weeks Of AVAX NFT Giveaways!

The devs over at SparkWorld* have been busy shipping product, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce that our Alpha Arctino phase is now live! This marks the beta release of the SparkWorld* platform, which aims to bolster the NFT infrastructure and experience across the AVAX ecosystem.

This is the first release of our platform, which is underpinned by our proprietary Fair Prediction Launch mechanism that gives access to NFTs with greater fairness and ease. This launch is accompanied by a series of NFT giveaways which will be followed by future Fair Prediction Launches (FPLs) that will be announced soon — LFG!

While we’re incredibly proud of our NFT launchpad, we have big plans for expansion, and are already looking ahead to the launch of our NFT marketplace aggregator, regular prediction competitions and tournaments, as well as an array of novel features. We want to create a one-stop-hub for connecting creators with collectors.

As a crucial part of our offering, we’re taking significant steps to address the problem of bots through our Fair Prediction Launch mechanism, which provides a far more pleasant, equitable, and fair distribution method for NFTs than traditional first-come-first-served or centralized whitelisting methods. No front running, insider dealing, or Discord grinding; just on chain, transparent, and fair access to the NFTs you want.

We’ll also be offering best-in-class reward and incentive structures to drive awareness and adoption of our platform, whilst benefiting the end users who are the core players within the NFT space.

AVAX NFT Giveaways

During our Arctino phase, a series of Avax NFT giveaways will take place, offering participants the chance to receive some of the hottest NFTs, hand picked and vetted by our team of experts (and degens).

The schedule for NFT giveaways is as follows:

These will all use our proprietary Fair Prediction Launch mechanism, with a 12 hour entry pool, 12 hour lock period and 12 hour claiming period. LFG predictooors

These giveaways will provide our community with the opportunity to experience a new age of NFTs with our FPL’s, and explore the platform prior to the launch of further NFT allocations from leading projects.

The Arctino Alpha launch is the first phase of our platform, and our team is very keen to receive feedback from the community before we announce our FPL partners. After you use the platform, we would be hugely appreciative if you could fill out our quick feedback form:

In alignment with our mission to expand and improve the frontiers of the NFT space, the launch of our Arctino phase is an opportunity for users to access one of the most engaging and transparent platforms within the AVAX ecosystem.

You can follow our socials to keep up with our progress (or just stop in and say GM!) as we bolster the NFT infrastructure and experience across the Avax ecosystem, providing greater fairness to the people who deserve it the most.

For a full guide of how to use the SparkWorld* Platform, please see here: