November 11, 2022

SparkWorld* and Arcade Galaxy are now Fair Prediction Launch Partners!

At SparkWorld*, we are incredibly excited to welcome Arcade Galaxy to our group of top-tier Avax gaming NFT partners!

Arcade Galaxy is the first-ever Play-to-Earn arcade on the Avalanche network — a magical metaverse sci-fi world filled with creatures called Cubs, and never-ending quests in a virtual galactic empire.

Jolyon Layard Horsfall, Co-CEO of SparkWorld* and active participant in the Play-to-Earn space, was delighted to have Arcade Galaxy on board as a partner, and commented on the FPL partnership: “Like Arcade Galaxy, SparkWorld* is putting a lot of effort in making NFT gaming and Web3 gamification more widespread. Decentralised gaming is definitely one of the industries that could bring NFTs closer to mainstream audiences. With FPLs, there are a lot of opportunities to be taken advantage of as projects like Arcade Galaxy will be releasing brilliant NFT collections for their games, so we’re really excited for the collaboration and wish to start our mutual operations as soon as we can!”

Co-Founder at Arcade Galaxy and an experienced fintech product designer, Evan Wu, was as excited about the projects’ upcoming collaborative efforts and stated: “SparkWorld*’s Fair Prediction Launches are a well-designed concept that significantly improve on traditional NFT whitelisting. For Arcade Galaxy, being determined to launch a series of NFT collections in a fair and accessible manner, SparkWorld* is definitely the right partner to assist us in the most beneficial way for both Arcade Galaxy and our audience.”

The SparkWorld* x Arcade Galaxy partnership will be deeply focused on NFTs and their launches through SparkWorld*’s own invention; the Fair Prediction Launch, which is a gamified solution to prominent whitelisting issues like the first-come-first-served model and lack of fairness & accessibility.

Arcade Galaxy’s Planet NFT collection is the first focus to be launched with SparkWorld* as a supplementary partner. 2,000 Planet NFTs are to be launched on May 20th, and SparkWorld* will have the chance to distribute 100 whitelist spots to the most engaged and accurate participants in an off-chain prediction event. Arcade Galaxy will be able to use FPL mechanics for their in-game NFT launches and will be working closely with SparkWorld* to provide all the relevant details required for creating the launch campaign of each NFT set.

The SparkWorld* dApp is aiming to be released in June of 2022, and following this, a Fair Prediction Launch with Arcade Galaxy shall be able to take place. In the third quarter of 2022, Arcade Galaxy will be releasing another collection of Cub NFTs — both projects are in talks about working together to facilitate the launch of digital creature NFTs.

SparkWorld* and Arcade Galaxy’s partnership, however, will not be limited to our Fair Prediction launch collaboration. The projects are planning to run a variety of co-marketing activities that include sharing each other’s social media announcements and communities, and immersive AMAs on both parties’ communities on Discord, Telegram, Twitter Spaces, and other platforms.

In addition, press releases and Medium articles including deep dives into product offerings will be created in collaboration by the two projects. Publishing reminder tweets and retweeting important announcements, both SparkWorld* and Arcade Galaxy will greatly benefit from a mutual effort to be heard.

Make sure to follow both SparkWorld* and Arcade Galaxy on their socials to keep up with the exciting upcoming updates from both teams!