November 11, 2022

SparkWorld* and IQ Protocol are now Ecosystem Partners to enable renting of NFTs!

SparkWorld* is once again excited to announce another brilliant partner; IQ Protocol, a revolutionary project producing a mechanism for renting wrapped versions of NFTs and other digital assets that are about to change the way we think about DeFi and the way we act upon it!

Jolyon Layard Horsfall, Co-CEO of SparkWorld* and expert in building Web3 projects, was delighted about the partnership and shared his thoughts on the potential impact it may have: “In DeFI, it is easy to miss more traditional activities that could be changed with blockchain. IQ Protocol is bringing renting to wrapped NFTs, and SparkWorld* is incredibly excited about it — both projects can offer a number of benefits to each other, and that’s why I am very thrilled about this collaboration.”

On a similar note, Chief Executive Officer at IQ Protocol and active blockchain enthusiast Tom Tirman also commented on the collaboration with positive feedback: “We couldn’t be happier with the SparkWorld* partnership — it will open new doors for the ecosystem, technology, and deal flow sharing that could take us all a step forward towards immersive NFT worlds. We are eager to share our protocol’s renting capabilities with SparkWorld* and think that mutual benefits can be achieved quickly.”

IQ Protocol’s framework allows for wrapped expirable versions of NFTs and other types of tokens, and this has hardly been ever done before. SparkWorld* will help bring these incredible mechanisms to more mainstream audiences in DeFi.

As ecosystem partners, both projects will participate in a number of activities together that include marketing, deal flow, and technical integration of IQ Protocol’s mechanics. For co-marketing, the aim will be to develop as many meaningful connections as possible.

On the technical side of the partnership, full integration of the IQ protocol will be completed once SparkWorld* launches its own NFT marketplace in Q3/Q4 of 2022. With that in mind, full integration will enable members of the platform to rent their gaming NFTs to each other, acquiring completely new additional income streams.

In addition, IQ Protocol is almost as young as SparkWorld, meaning that it is very possible that the platform launch timeline will match and the projects will be able to perform a combined launch!

About IQ Protocol

IQ Protocol is a decentralized money market for digital asset renting and on-chain subscriptions. The next money lego that allows users to rent wrapped expirable versions of digital assets without collateral for their utility, while allowing holders to earn by providing liquidity without risk.

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About SparkWorld*

SparkWorld* creatively solves the whitelisting and randomized minting problem for NFT drops through a brand new, easy-to-use launchpad which fuses creators together with communities.

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