November 11, 2022

SparkWorld* and NFTrade have become Ecosystem Partners!

We are very excited to announce that NFTrade, a cutting-edge blockchain platform participating in NFT indexing, offering farming, peer-to-peer swaps, and a full-blown NFT launchpad, has partnered with SparkWorld* with the aim to reach a mutual achievement of innovating NFT launches at scale. This is very exciting as NFTrade is the first-ever cross-chain platform that curates and displays every NFT from all of its integrated chains, enabling seamless creation, and trade across different blockchains.

Jolyon Layard Horsfall, Web3 entrepreneur, a prominent figure in the blockchain landscape, and Co-CEO at SparkWorld*, was pleased to welcome NFTrade to the project’s growing list of partners: “Goal and idea alignment is crucial in partnerships of any kind, which we have learned at SparkWorld* through our numerous partnerships. Having SparkWorld*’s resources aggregated by NFTrade will allow us to push further in making great products within our ecosystem and reaching larger audiences, because the concept of a fair launch has not been explored at scale, and it’s important to make that happen. We will indulge in co-marketing activities as we do with other projects, but the most important part of this partnership will be the sharing of valuable resources, technical or social, monetarily or conceptually.``

In short, the cooperation of both platforms will be most visible in their mutual NFT marketplace ventures — the projects will share listing support where relevant, and are currently looking at deal-flow sharing opportunities for further expansion. SparkWorld* and NFTrade will eventually be collaborating on individual NFT launches as much as they will be participating in co-marketing activities, NFT marketplace aggregation, and other channels. This will enable the projects to acquire a more meaningful reach, and accelerate the idea of fair launches towards a more mainstream set of audiences in the cryptosphere. With this in mind, NFTrade will look to generate NFT listings from the up-and-coming SparkWorld* platform to include a share of fair-launched items which are still unheard-of in the majority of enthusiasts’ minds.

CEO at NFTrade, DeFi builder & investor, Ori Levi, was just as excited about the cooperation and commented on the future actions of both projects: “Our mission at NFTrade is to strengthen the growth of meaningful NFT projects that don’t often see the attention they deserve. NFTrade’s at-scale NFT indexing is the optimal step towards allowing projects to reach further. That’s why a partnership with SparkWorld* will enable us to shine a bright light on fair launches, as well as ramp up more exciting, inviting marketing campaigns for the betterment of fairness in the NFT ecosystem. The team is prepared and excited to help and collaborate with a new innovative platform partner, and we will do our best to create as much value both for the customer and for our mutual venture.”

Why are SparkWorld* and NFTrade so aligned with their business and innovation principles? Well firstly, both are prominent users and promoters of the Avalanche blockchain which offers a set of features difficult to find elsewhere. In addition, both projects focus on making the NFT launch and trade experience more accessible, inclusive, and rewarding, with such similar ideas creating the basis for a strong and fruitful partnership.

There are further plans for collaboration in the future as both projects are closely connected to AVAX, meaning creation of a cutting-edge NFT launch service could be conducted for projects on this very blockchain. The projects are also considering possibilities for NFT items listed on NFTrade to be available for purchase and sale on SparkWorld*’s own secondary aggregated marketplace, so sharing of NFT listings will be coming from both sides of the partnership. In addition, NFTrade will gain access to SparkWorld*’s robust community of NFT enthusiasts who are eager to welcome innovative projects to the ecosystem.

In regards to co-marketing, NFTrade and SparkWorld* will conduct fun and engaging AMAs on platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Telegram, as well as create announcement articles and press releases for the community. Growth hacking of each other’s Twitter posts and deep dives into product offerings will also be present, so prepare for some immersive, informative posts! Where relevant, both projects will also welcome each other to share relevant data, insights, connections, and their partners — we hope this should make a long-lasting, value-creating cooperation!

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See you in The Future!