November 11, 2022

SparkWorld* & FactoryDAO are now Ecosystem Partners!

We are excited to announce that FactoryDAO, a DAO Factory with a suite of decentralised apps for vesting, governance, auctions, liquidity mining, and NFT mints, has entered an ecosystem partnership with SparkWorld* to manage vesting contracts through its trustless token vesting dApp — Bank!

Jolyon Horsfall, Co-CEO of SparkWorld*, was eager to comment on the successful partnership being pleased about the collaboration: “Me and the SparkWorld* team are very thrilled with the fact that FactoryDAO is offering both the curation and management of our cliff vesting contracts — an essential part of an ecosystem like SparkWorld*. We are delighted to start working with some of the most brilliant people in the industry like Dr. Nick Almond, and can see that together, the number of things we can achieve in Web3 is nearly limitless.”

Protocol Leader at FactoryDAO and blockchain & governance researcher, Dr. Nick Almond, was as happy about the ecosystem partnership and added to the conversation: “At FactoryDAO, we hope it will be a thrill working with and providing our infrastructure to SparkWorld* and its audience. We were eager to enter this partnership because of the innovation potential that comes in the form of NFTs and the GameFi mechanics surrounding them — there are ways to make systems more gamified or gamifiable, and that’s one of the factors that can make Web3 more transparent, fun, engaging, even reaching a larger portion of mainstream audiences. I can see SparkWorld* are on the right path, and wish to help them achieve their exciting goals.”

Through this ecosystem partnership, SparkWorld* will receive premium access to the FactoryDAO Bank dApp’s functionality for transactions and their tracking. FactoryDAO will be able to create SparkWorld*’s cliff vesting contracts as our private investment rounds and the funds from them are blockchain-based, in need of rigorous management. Seed and strategic investment rounds will come into play as well when working with vesting contracts.

Because the FactoryDAO ecosystem is large and diverse, it is able to offer a variety of blockchain and its governance services to both partners and participants, throughout this ecosystem partnership FactoryDAO will conduct and manage SparkWorld*’s gamified airdrop of the $SPRK token that comes with allocated vesting schedules.

The $SPRK airdrop will be an integral part of SparkWorld*’s operations that will further the developments and innovations moving forward — it is also a way of rewarding and encouraging the NFT gaming community to get involved in the project on a deeper level.

In addition to cliff vesting schedule management and mutual managed token distribution operations, participants of both FactoryDAO and SparkWorld* can expect a series of partnership posts on social media, immersive AMAs from the teams, and even Twitter Spaces for a closer connection to the audience. Co-marketing is as crucial as co-development in partnerships, especially in Web3 where communities are key elements to achieving successful product launches.

Moreover, both projects will be sharing their networks and resources where applicable, including potential partnership opportunities and even investment firm connections. FactoryDAO’s dAPP suite certainly enables a number of ways of collaboration no matter whether it is through digital item auctions, influencer opportunities, governance mechanics, or other systems.

Make sure to follow both SparkWorld* and FactoryDAO on their socials to keep up with the latest developments of this ecosystem partnership — both our IDO and the $SPRK token airdrop are coming soon, and FactoryDAO will be a big part of it all!