November 11, 2022

SparkWorld* & Friend Forest Have Become FPL Partners — Be Here July 15th To Mint Green NFTs!

We are delighted to announce another exciting Fair Prediction Launch partnership, this time with Friend Forest — an NFT project focused on harnessing the power of Web3 and NFTs to create a positive impact on the planet.

Friend Forest are building an innovative way for people to join the nature-loving community and embraced a collaboration with SparkWorld*, looking to access the infrastructure best-suited for the creation of engaged, gamified communities.

Jolyon Layard Horsfall, Co-CEO at SparkWorld* and one of Web3’s pioneers, was thrilled to welcome Friend Forest as an FPL partner and commented on the collaboration “We anticipate a smooth collaboration that can bring more meaning to those in Web3 who truly care for nature and are prepared to act to make it greener. Friend Forest is a fellow AVAX project we at SparkWorld* see a lot of potential in, therefore it is natural that we would offer our best support with FPLs to grow our shared community — very excited to begin minting NFTs!”

Mae, Community Manager at Friend Forest, dedicated nature lover and social media guru, was also excited about the SparkWorld* partnership and said “Friend Forest is about fairness, just like nature is, and Fair Prediction Launches seem like the perfect way to create this fairness”. The community sees the innovation achieved by projects like SparkWorld*, and expects other projects to innovate with them to build a more inclusive space. . We saw our first NFT mint as having to be more mature than a standard launch, so we turned to SparkWorld*”

The key highlight of this SparkWorld* <> Friend Forest partnership is the launch of Friend Forest’s own 3,000 strong NFT collection called FFrens. Friend Forest sees its first NFT mint as an opportunity to attract more tree planters, animal carers, and nature lovers in general to join the blockchain revolution and see the potential decentralised technologies actually hold.

The Friend Forest project will donate 25% of NFT mint revenue to to plant over 100,000 trees and in addition, the project constantly seeks collaboration with other sustainable brands to create a more effective network effect for greener blockchain adoption across the globe. Moreover, Friend Forest is also about to run a series of giveaways, competitions, and Coinbase Earn-like reward opportunities.

Friend Forest NFTs are set on the Avalanche Network, just like SparkWorld*’s whole ecosystem, thus the collaboration in terms of development and iteration will be absolutely seamless between the two projects.

With this in mind, Friend Forest will be implementing a Fair Prediction Launch for their first-ever mint of nature-focused NFTs. This will ensure that every participant is on the same level and doesn’t favour those more advantageous in terms of starting resources.

Users will simply need to accurately predict the price of $AVAX before Wednesday the 13th July at 10am UTC for the chance to win one of 33 Greenlist spots offered through the SparkWorld* FPL — 5 of these NFTs will also be offered for free to the top predictors! As the prediction pool matures, winners will get announced & contacted the same day, and the NFT mint itself will then take place on July 15th. FFrens NFTs will be going for 1.5 AVAX during the Greenlist, and 2 AVAX during the public sale, with the Greenlist mint occurring before the public sale to allow those on the Greenlist a guaranteed opportunity to mint.

To purchase a FFren, participants will setup and connect their Metamask wallet, add Avalanche to the network list, and get some AVAX tokens on one of the popular exchanges.

As part of the initial partnership, projects will be amplifying each other’s posts on social media to spread awareness about the mint, and discussing further post-launch activities to develop the partnership for the long term. What’s more, SparkWorld* and Friend Forest will exchange network contacts — partners, investors, and more, to make the future activities bigger and more meaningful.

Check out the SparkWorld* Twitter account for all the updates on the FPL and visit the Friend Forest website to learn more on the project. Predictions are already open and will close at 10am on the 13th July — make your prediction and win your chance to get on the Greenlist. And finally; don’t forget — the Friend Forest mint is on Friday, July 15th.

P.S. SparkWorld* and Friend Forest mutually hosted a Twitter Spaces to answer all burning questions from the nature-loving community, so make sure to check out the recording if you missed it!