November 11, 2022

SparkWorld* is delighted to announce Degis as their newest Ecosystem Partner!

We are thrilled to officially announce our strategic partnership with Degis, Avalanche’s very first DeFi protection protocol!

Spark’s Co-CEO Jolyon Layard Horsfall, an experienced Web3 entrepreneur, shared his thoughts on this partnership, stating: “Super pumped for this partnership to kick off! As a team, we believe it will play a crucial role in the protection of our on-chain marketplace built on Avalanche. Our mission at SparkWorld* is to solve some of the most pressing challenges in the NFT space and we believe Degis will be able to help by bolstering the safety and security of the SparkWorld* platform and projects for its end users, thereby providing additional assurances for its end users — the NFT community.”

When asked about this partnership, Degis CEO & Co-Founder Andy, stated: “Being the first decentralised protection protocol on Avalanche, we couldn’t be happier to be a part of this partnership with SparkWorld*, a leading NFT gaming marketplace and contributor to the Avax ecosystem. This partnership with SparkWorld* will help us bring our mission to disrupt the traditional protection market by leveraging blockchain technology a step closer, by bringing our value proposition to a new and exciting user base. We look forward to working with SparkWorld* well into the future.”

A developing protection system, Degis is paving the way for the protection industry into the Web3 landscape. The ultimate goal for the protocol is to build a universal crypto protection platform and shape the decentralised protection ecosystem. With Degis, users will be able to protect themselves from token price volatility, impermanent loss, wallet risks and smart contract protection. Essentially, Degis aims to be the protection solution for all in the DeFi universe.

The core of SparkWorld*’s is our platform’s Fair Predictive Launches (FPLs). FPLs bring fairness and equality in the distribution launch allocations for Gaming NFTS through non-punitive prediction mechanics. These FPLs place users into ordered lists based on the accuracy of predictions on a variety of metrics around NFT launches.

Together through this strategic partnership, we are excited to see how SparkWorld* and Degis will be able to create, reach and add value for NFT gaming enthusiasts alike in the space.