November 11, 2022

SparkWorld* & Sky Meta Have Become Ecosystem Partners!

We are eager to announce another great partner on our list that is taking Web3 gamers and gaming projects on AVAX by storm — Sky Meta!

Sky Meta is reimagining GameFi by introducing blockchain game developers to a unique and innovative set of tools for building NFT gaming ecosystems and gamers’ guilds seamlessly.

Harry Horsfall, Strategy Lead at SparkWorld* and a prominent figure in Web3, was excited to welcome Sky Meta to the ever-growing list of our partners, noting:

“The team is very delighted to start working with another brilliant NFT gaming project, this time — one focused on building tools to help accelerate GameFi adoption via their suite of tools. Our co-marketing will cover a lot of ground in terms of reach through different platforms, and our sharing of deal-flow will ignite processes with new projects. We cannot wait to start our operations!”

Sky Meta and its core ideas resonate deeply with SparkWorld*, as well as our innovative creators, developers want to launch robust platforms quickly and with little-to-no error, and to achieve this there must be someone on hand to provide direct support — that’s where the project’s technology steps in.

The project offers an exclusive NFT SDK, or Software Development Kit, that allows game developers to easily have NFT management and rental features in their game. In addition, Sky Meta prides itself on its guild platform with an original scorecard system for measuring participants’ performance, as well as its own NFT Oracle — a set of NFT analytics tools enabling $SKYM holders to analyse on-chain data.

Co-Founder of Sky Meta and an established entrepreneur, Chris Tsun, was just as thrilled about the collaboration,commenting:

“It’s not every day that we find projects like SparkWorld* to collaborate with, because problems like lack of fairness in whitelisting are hard to deal with — those who solve them are to be celebrated. We are excited about the partnership because it opens new doors for user acquisition, higher community growth, and more technical iteration opportunities. The phrase Fair Prediction Launch has been heard across the globe already.”

The main priority of this ecosystem partnership for SparkWorld* and Sky Meta is to share deal flow of AVAX gaming projects and their development. Moreover, our partnership entails co-marketing activities, mutual promotions, and each other’s support in community building.

In terms of deal flow sharing, SparkWorld* will start referring its NFT gaming projects to Sky Meta for support in new game development and tool & service maintenance. SparkWorld* will also refer projects to Sky Meta’s Guild Platform to expand the project’s GameFi scholars and create new guilds.

At the same time, Sky Meta will be sharing its own NFT gaming projects with SparkWorld* for launch partnerships or assistance and support in NFT mints through Fair Prediction Launches.

Participants of both projects who are active on social networks may expect a large volume of updates and exciting announcements. SparkWorld* and Sky Meta are to run co-marketing activities on different media channels, including Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Medium.

They may also expect a series of AMAs and community events moving forward, deep dives into product offerings from both projects, as well as in-depth articles and press releases. The Sky Meta team was kind enough to offer additional promotion support to SparkWorld*’s key events, such as the IDO and the initial platform launch. SparkWorld* will respond offering support of similar nature to Sky Meta.

As much as deal flow sharing and promotional support can guide both projects to mutual success, there are a few additional elements we should mention.

SparkWorld* and Sky Meta will share relevant data and APIs to further advance both platforms’ technical sides. Furthermore, the projects will be holding a few discussions on Sky Meta’s participation in Guess2Earn prediction tournaments after they are launched by SparkWorld* later this year. Sky Meta will invite SparkWorld* to explore the potential of its NFT Oracle tools and see how they could be implemented in a wider variety of ecosystems.

Thank you for keeping up with our endeavours, and make sure to follow SparkWorld* and Sky Meta on Twitter, and visit our website to learn more — a lot of exciting events are coming to town, so don’t forget to be there!