November 11, 2022

SparkWorld* welcomes Hypersign as a valued Ecosystem Partner!

Hyper! Hyper! Hypersign! That’s who has become SparkWorld*’s newest ecosystem partner — Hypersign is a globally leading identity management DeFi protocol for securing passwords, avoiding data breaches, and maintaining privacy — all on the blockchain.

Jolyon Layard Horsfall, Co-CEO at SparkWorld* and accomplished entrepreneur in everything Web3, was highly thrilled about the new business friendship with such a reputable project and commented: “Hypersign has been a very prominent player in DeFi and both I and my teams have often encountered them throughout recent years. Right now, when SparkWorld* prepares to launch its platform into existence with the aim to make the ecosystem secure and bulletproof, Hypersign not only will lead us to success in authentication but collaborate to accelerate our marketing activities as well. We could not be more delighted to have such profound winners on the side of SparkWorld*.”

Founder and CEO of Hypersign and active thought leader in the space, Ifran Khan, was as excited to share his thoughts on the emerging collaboration: “We at Hypersign love joining forces with like-minded projects that build technologies for making the world a better place, and SparkWorld* is definitely one of these projects because of its innovative approach to gaming NFTs and prediction launches. SparkWorld*’s team is filled with marketing experts, so our mutual efforts will surely bring new achievements in technology adoption, and in addition to this, Hypersign will happily offer world-class security and verification help, along with consistent support with the management of them.”

SparkWorld* and Hypersign partnership’s goals can be divided into two key sections — marketing acceleration and security management. On the side of marketing, the projects’ shared activities will involve the acquisition of followers and their incentivisation of word-of-mouth, as well as viral campaign building and community growth through the introduction of rewarding tasks for its members.

For security, the main aims will be eliminating bots and fake users on the platforms, along with appropriate verification of users and their token ownership.

Hypersign prides itself in providing its users with ways to earn points and rewards for different activities beneficial to all parties involved such as asset sharing on social media, interacting with smart contracts, and becoming part of the project’s communities.

Together with SparkWorld*numerous bounty and referral program campaigns will be created that produce value for their users. In addition, prediction protocols will be implemented for prediction slips, again, rewarding the user for interacting on platforms in different ways.

This partnership is to become a tipping point in growth acceleration and security technology adoption in both projects, enabling them to move forward with changing the landscape of their niche markets.

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