November 11, 2022

SparkWorld* Welcomes TimeShuffle Its Newest FPL Partner!

Hi, Predictors!

We are thrilled to announce another brilliant and innovative Fair Prediction Launch partner of SparkWorld* — TimeShuffle. TimeShuffle is a TRPG Play-To-Earn blockchain game on the web where players immerse themselves in a unique time-travel battle experience.

The project offers new means of NFT creation through its PvP engagement model, allowing players to win each others’ NFTs in victory. Character mergers, breeding, doppelgangers, unique abilities, and so much more is included in the TimeShuffle game’s features.

Konstantin Dinev, Founder and CEO of TimeShuffle and successful web technologist, was excited about the partnership, commenting:

“At TimeShuffle, our aim is to always explore new ideas and opportunities presented by like-minded projects and individuals. SparkWorld* and their Fair Prediction Launches just happens to be one of those opportunities, and TimeShuffle is aiming to complement this innovation with our own Play-To-Earn game ecosystem. Apart from FPL involvement, we aim to join forces in our future NFT drops for the TimeShuffle game, and create a set of community events.”

Jolyon Layard Horsfall, Co-CEO of SparkWorld* and blockchain entrepreneur, was delighted with the collaboration, noting:

“Blockchain games like TimeShuffle seem to have values very close to those of SparkWorld*. Not all games feature meaningful gamification that presents users with incentives, but play-to-earn games on the blockchain certainly do. At SparkWorld*, we are very excited about the potential this partnership offers, as we will now be able to enter a more robust gaming ecosystem where significant rewards can be obtained by the user by simply playing to win.”

TimeShuffle has recently launched its exclusive NFT collection named The Founders Pass NFT, and SparkWorld* has been a key player in this mint — the projects were working closely together to promote the launch and attract GameFi enthusiasts looking for intriguing NFT drops.

TimeShuffle and SparkWorld* have been collaborating on social platforms like Twitter to amplify announcements of the launch and feature each other’s offerings for audiences to learn about, as well as engaging other top projects in the AVAX ecosystem via Twitter Spaces.

For those who are interested in accessing TimeShuffle’s Founders Pass NFT sale, check out the following details:

The NFT sale started at 4PM UTC, July 5th, 2022 and Founders Passes are available to mint at time of writing. Founders Pass holders will be able to enjoy a whole host of perks and benefits, including the ability to play early, invite-only releases of the TimeShuffle game and automatic reservations for future NFT drops.

Like SparkWorld*, TimeShuffle is built on the Avalanche Network, which is the same blockchain that will power The Founders Pass NFT mint. There will be 5,500 NFTs available in total, of which the first 2,000 will cost 6 AVAX, and for the remaining NFTs the cost will go up incrementally.

If you wish to participate in TimeShuffle’s The Founders Pass NFT mint, you are welcome to join the platform by connecting your wallet — the price is still at 6 AVAX at time of writing.

Moving forward, enthusiasts of both ecosystems will be able to enjoy inclusive AMAs, Twitter Spaces and other engaging co-marketing activities organised by both projects, as well as FPLs on future NFT sets.

Make sure to check out and The Founders Pass NFT collection crafted by our mutual efforts, and expect to see events, announcements, and general fun stuff on our social media!