November 11, 2022

SparkWorld* welcomes Zone of Avoidance as an FPL Partner!

NFT games are getting hot, and things are really heating up with never-ending space battles on the blockchain!

SparkWorld* is incredibly happy to announce Zone of Avoidance (ZoA), a revolutionary Play-to-Earn NFT gaming platform and marketplace designed for sci-fi RPG games, as a Fair Prediction Launch (FPL) partner in the SparkWorld* ecosystem!

Co-CEO of SparkWorld* and an active Web3 entrepreneur, Jolyon Horsfall, is excited to help colonize the blockchain-based universe and commented on this thrilling partnership, saying “NFT games are what SparkWorld* focuses on when considering the bigger vision for the future, and Zone of Avoidance is exactly the kind of project we are looking for, developing sci-fi blockchain games with incredible graphics and different devices; This truly speaks to SparkWorld*’s gamification goals with a focus on fun, and rewards. We could not be more thrilled to have such an innovative project led by an experienced team by our side!”

Isak Sayieu, Chief Executive Officer ofZone of Avoidance and serial founder of blockchain projects, was as delighted about the collaboration and said: “Both SparkWorld* and Zone of Avoidance are NFT marketplaces in one way or another, but the processes and operations, including the products, are different. ZoA is a new cross-platform game on the foundational level, while SparkWorld* innovates prediction markets and fairness in NFTs. I am sure each project will complement each other moving forward and bring amazing results for our ecosystems.”

SparkWorld* and Zone of Avoidance’s partnership will entail a series of different activities that can be divided into co-marketing, collaborative launches, sharing of resources for NFT releases, exchange of relevant technical goods, connections in the investments world, and even the development of prediction mechanics for SparkWorld*’s, Guess2Earn platform.

The community can look forward to exciting AMAs together with SparkWorld* and Zone of Avoidance, deeper insight on product offerings of both projects, active collaborative social posts for the latest news, and extensive promotional materials. In addition, a series of press releases and articles will be released consistently to inform and educate the audience on the mission and vision of both projects.

Co-marketing will not be the main goal of the partnership — the prime objective will be to enable FPLs for Zone of Avoidance in a seamless and interconnected fashion. Zone of Avoidance’s Genesis Drop of NFTs will launch ahead of the SparkWorld* Dapp, in early May, thus, a small selection of these promotional NFTs will be distributed via an off-chain prediction event.

In total, the Genesis Drop will consist of 3,000 NFT packs, and the number of these that SparkWorld* are distributing will be revealed soon. Furthermore, Zone of Avoidance intends to become an exclusive launch partner for all subsequent NFT drops on SparkWorld* that will likely occur monthly.

SparkWorld*’s first Fair Prediction Launch with Zone of Avoidance will occur following SparkWorld’s initial mainnet launch, and a date for this will be confirmed in due course. Moreover connections to projects, investors, and partners from both projects will be shared when relevant or requested, opening doors to exciting opportunities in the future. Technical data and integrations for platforms will also be shared with interested projects.

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